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NECA files 2019 average schedule formula changes

By Shan Lin, senior manager – Average Schedule Development

On December 20, 2018, NECA filed the 2019 Modification of Average Schedules. 

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In Focus: Fall 2018

By Bill Hegmann, president and CEO

In my spring communication to you, I previewed our new method of distributing Access articles. Our process is now fully operational, and as an Access subscriber you should be receiving email alerts, either weekly or on-publish (your choice) when we release a new feature. I hope you are enjoying our enhanced delivery of timely information. 

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NECA files 2019 average schedule high-cost loop universal service formula

By Stojanka Mesalic, manager - Average Schedule Universal Service Methods

Recently we filed the 2019 modification of the average schedule high-cost loop universal service formula. If approved by the FCC, the formula will be in effect from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

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Join the march of EXPO 2018 into New Orleans

By Val Kostenko, manager – IR Communications and Methods

The telecom industry continues its breakneck pace, with technology improvements and legislative changes becoming regular occurrences. We are gearing up to provide you with the latest news and information at EXPO 2018, November 4 through 7, in the Big Easy at the New Orleans Marriott.

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In Focus: Winter 2018

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

As I write this, the state of our union was addressed recently. I can report with confidence that NECA remains committed fully to helping our members provide to their customers cost effective and superior service. With USF orders that appear favorable to our members currently circulating at the FCC, we will be wholly prepared to assist members with implementation efforts upon release. Our annual tariff election has begun and it is because of this confidence I recommend strongly your continued participation in our tariffs and pools.

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NECA files 2018 average schedule formula changes

By Tanja Curovic, senior director – Rates, Average Schedules and Advanced Analytics

On December 21, 2017, NECA filed the 2018 Modification of Average Schedules. These formulas are reviewed by the FCC and are scheduled to become effective in July 2018, subject to an FCC order expected by June 2018.

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Alphabet soup of telecom associations and task groups

By Barbara Vrahnos, project manager – Access Technology and Planning

It is clear we are in an acronym-driven industry. Many of the industry associations and task groups on which NECA employees participate carry their own unique handle: CIGRR, BIRRDS and LERG are a few of my favorites. Please allow me to familiarize you with this telecom alphabet soup.


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