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    Wireless broadband products available to NECA members 

    CTI LogoThrough Convergence Technologies Inc., a leading distributor of broadband and network services, NECA members will receive special pricing on Cambium Networks broadband equipment.

    About Cambium Networks: Cambium offers a superior line of wireless broadband products that enable service providers to boost customer loyalty and new customer  additions by offering the latest levels of connectivity, as well as enabling innovative wireless, data-enabled services for consumers and enterprise customers. Wireless IP networks powered by Cambium Networks compliment wide area network infrastructure by making operations more agile and offloading heavy data traffic in high density areas. With Cambium's unrivaled and proven portfolio of indoor and outdoor wireless IP networking solutions, you can build network extensions and new services that are easy to deploy, flexible to change and highly reliable as well as secure.


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    Convergence Technologies Inc. has been in business for over 15 years and supplies service providers with everything necessary to set up and maintain wireless or wired data networks. CTI supplies hardware, network consulting, design, installation and integration services for both wireless and wired networks. CTI also offers the MitoTec business technology platform, IP Pay credit card processing, Hosted Voice-over-IP services and wholesale internet connections.

     Benefits of wireless broadband 

    • T-1 enhancement - The wireless equipment that transfers data has come down significantly in pricing over the past five years. It makes sense to supplement T-1 lines with either licensed or unlicensed wireless point-to-point links where customers need to expand capabilities and infrastructure not currently in place.
    • Residential internet providing - The ability to bundle products together is critical in today’s internet service provider market. Wireless equipment may be the most expedient and cost effective way to bundle high speed data and voice together where current, traditional technologies are lacking to meet customer demands. Wireless is especially attractive to serve customers in the remote locations of any network. 
    • WiMAX is widely available - The long awaited WiMAX protocol is now shipping in mass quantities across the United States. The most popular spectrum that WiMAX equipment is operating in is 3.65GHz. The semi-licensed 3.65GHz band and the WiMAX protocol both offer many advantages over standard unlicensed equipment. 





    Customer testimonials

    “CTI is a great place for all our Cambium Networks needs. Friendly employees and competitive pricing make shopping there a great experience.

      T.LaPorte, IAMO Telephone Company  



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