Trends is NECA’s report on the state of telecom technology deployment among its traffic sensitive pool members. As the latest edition shows, TS pool members continue their steady progress in expanding deployment of new technologies capable of delivering innovative high-speed broadband advanced services, while continuing to provide traditional voice service to their rural customers. They provide a variety of broadband-based solutions over Digital Subscriber Line service, fiber and other technologies to provide high-quality voice and broadband services to their local anchor customers and rural customers.

For this report, we collected data from 1,049 TS pool members in 47 states, American Samoa and Guam. This report contains data collected from a variety of sources, including NECA’s interstate access service tariff participants, wire center tariff, settlements system and periodic data requests targeting specific information. We update and maintain data submitted by members on an annual basis to track the progress of network technology deployment of TS pool members in rural America.