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May 20, 2019 - REGscan

  • The FCC issued a tentative agenda for its June 6, 2019 Open Meeting. The FCC will consider three items, including a Declaratory Ruling and Third FNPRM clarifying that voice service providers may block illegal and unwanted calls as the default before they reach consumers’ phones, and proposing a safe harbor for providers who block calls that fail call authentication and a Report and Order and Second FNPRM that would modernize the existing leased access rules to reflect changes in the video programming market and simplify the leased access rate formula.  
  • President Trump issued an Executive Order prohibiting any transactions involving information and communications technology or services designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary.  
  • The FCC authorized CAF Phase II Auction support for the winning bids identified in Attachment A of this Public Notice. The FCC also issued a News Release announcing the auction allocated $1.488 billion in support, and provided a complete list by state of the companies receiving support.  
  • The Wireline Competition Bureau announced the beginning of the phase down of legacy high-cost USF support for price cap carriers and fixed CETCs now that the Bureau has authorized CAF Phase II Auction support. The Bureau issued an Erratum replacing the document linked in the third paragraph of the Public Notice.  
  • The FCC granted Casey Mutual Telephone’s Petition for Waiver of the letter of credit commitment letter deadline for the CAF Phase II Auction, but denied Allens Communications’ Petition for Waiver of the requirement that an Auction 903 recipient obtain a standby letter of credit.  
  • USTelecom, ITTA, and WISPA discussed network testing and the speed and latency compliance framework.  
  • NTTA expressed support for recent positions taken by WTA and NTCA on broadband performance testing.  
  • Sprint asserted elimination of access charges is the only sure way to achieve the FCC’s goal of eliminating access arbitrage and called for a mandatory phase-out of all access charge rate elements.  
  • Chairman Pai will convene a summit on July 11, 2019, focused on the industry’s implementation of SHAKEN/STIR,  
  • The Wireline Competition Bureau granted INCOMPAS’ motion for an extension of time to file reply comments on the Public Notice seeking focused additional comment in the Business Data Services and USTelecom Forbearance Petition proceedings. Reply comments are now due May 28, 2019.

  • Comments are due June 7, 2019, on NANC’s Additional Findings Report on Nationwide Number Portability that analyzes the technical requirements for two proposals to implement NNP: National Local Routing Number and Internet Protocol Local Routing Number

May 13, 2019 - REGScan

  • The FCC adopted six items at its May 9, 2019 Open Meeting, including a Public Notice seeking comment on an auction to distribute certain toll free numbers in the new 833 toll free code and an Order adopting new rules to improve Video Relay Service (not yet released).  
  • The Order that eliminated the high-cost USF program’s local service rate floor rule and eliminated the reporting obligations associated with the rate floor after July 1, 2020, is effective June 6, 2019.  
  • The FCC announced it is ready to authorize CAF Phase II auction support for Auction 903 winning bids. Applicants listed in the attachment to the notice must file letters of credit and legal counsel’s opinion letters by May 24, 2019.  
  • Ketchikan Public Utilities filed a Petition for Waiver of the March 1, 2018 HUBB portal certification deadline. Blackfoot Telephone and Fremont Telcom filed a Supplement to their Petition seeking a limited waiver of the March 1, 2018 deadline for certifying 2017 broadband deployment locations in the HUBB for A-CAM support.  
  • NTCA discussed the importance of sufficient and predictable USF support as well as the importance of more granular mapping and challenge procedures in ensuring that funds can be accurately targeted to where they are needed.     
  • LICT, TDS Telecom, and WTA discussed performance testing requirements for RoR ILECs, and in particular the proposals presented by WTA in a previous letter. WTA, US Connect, Volcano Communications Group, et al. discussed the appropriate broadband facilities and routes to be tested and the availability, cost, and practicability of the performance testing equipment and software that is being developed.  USTelecom, ITTA, et al. discussed the endpoints for speed and latency testing.  
  • Viasat responded to NTCA’s letter opposing Viasat’s Petition on the Network Testing Order.  
  • Comments were filed on the Public Notice seeking focused additional comment in the Business Data Services and USTelecom Forbearance Petition proceedings. Replies due May 16, 2019. FR.  
  • The FCC released an NPRM seeking comment on the assessment and collection of regulatory fees for FY 2019. Comments are due June 7, 2019; replies are due June 24, 2019.  
  • The House Committee on Energy and Commerce announced it will hold a hearing on May 15, 2019, entitled “Accountability and Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission.”

May 5, 2019 - REGScan

  • The FCC issued the agenda for its May 9, 2019 Open Meeting, and will consider seven items, including an Order that would deny China Mobile USA’s application for a section 214 authorization to provide international facilities-based and resale telecommunications services and an NPRM proposing regulatory fees for Fiscal Year 2019.  
  • The Wireline Competition Bureau announced the release of a revised version of A-CAM and the offers of A-CAM II support to rate-of-return carriers that are still receiving legacy support. Carriers have until June 17, 2019, to indicate whether they elect to receive model-based support. The Bureau also announced the posting of the revised mandatory deployment obligations for RoR carriers that decline the A-CAM II offer and instead remain on legacy USF support mechanisms. The deployment obligations under each method for each study area are available here.  
  • USAC published on its website information on the FCC’s budget control mechanism.  
  • The FCC announced the opening of WC Docket No. 19-126, “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund,” which would make available up to $20.4 billion in support via a reverse auction.  
  • NTCA suggested improving the granularity and accuracy of broadband mapping data.  
  • NCTA responded to a letter by USTelecom, ITTA, and WISPA on broadband mapping.  
  • NTCA opposed Viasat’s Petition for Reconsideration of the process for measuring compliance with a MOS of 4 for latency for CAF supported voice service. ITTA, USTelecom, et al. asserted the AT&T latency testing data supports their request to harmonize the frequency of latency testing with the frequency of speed testing by requiring one latency test per hour, and recommended other changes to the network testing requirements.  
  • The Wireline Competition Bureau issued an Order setting forth the Tariff Review Plans to be used by incumbent LECs to support their interstate access service tariff revisions to be filed in 2019.