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    ReadyNet home and small office networking products available to NECA members

    /uploadedImages/Public/Images/Networking_Products/ReadyNet.jpg is a market and technology leader in broadband, voiceband, powerline and wireless solutions. Provide instant telephone outlets or Ethernet ports without installing telephone wires or Cat 5 cable. Applications and markets that ReadyNet addresses today include any products with a hard or soft dial-up modem, Ethernet-based applications, set-top boxes, VoIP, personal computers,  personal video recorders, fax machines, home networking, IPTV and streaming audio and video.

    HD Network Adapter

    The E200K HD Network Adapter Kit and E200 HD Network Adapter provide a high speed network for streaming video, audio or data, for file-sharing, and for accessing the internet.

    HD Video Streaming Kit

    The HD Network Adapter and HD 4 Port Switch from ReadyNet allow you to combine up to 4 Ethernet devices and quickly create an in-home broadband network. Connect your IPTV, Blu-ray player, satellite or cable receiver, Over the Top Video set  top box, gaming console or other Ethernet enabled device, anywhere in your home, with simple, powerful, Plug and Play set up.

    HD 4 Port Switch 

    The E4PS200 HD 4 Port Switch provides fast streaming for HD movies, online multi-player games, and other data intensive activities for today’s HD Entertainment Center demand.

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    Customer testimonials

    “ReadyNet technologies provide an easy and efficient way to connect all my electronics – computers, TVs, DVRs, and game consoles without having to run wires. I just plug them in, no set-up hassles. I especially enjoy the video streaming capabilities. The team at ReadyNet has been so responsive and great to work with!”

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