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In Focus: The more things change…

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

The new year has arrived and, as you know quite well, delivered significant changes in Washington. The new administration in the White House generated a shift of leadership and make-up of the Commission. And while business, politics and life itself may be experiencing a transition, in our 34th year, the value of NECA membership remains as solid as ever.

In March of 2016 the FCC released the USF Rate-of-Return Reform Order. As complex as the details of the Order were and are, NECA subject matter experts and member service staff were there to assist you in every facet of interpretation and implementation, and that assistance continues daily. Even if the A-CAM election choice you made excluded your participation in the common line pool, NECA offered you the choice to continue participation in our common line, end user and the new consumer broadband-only loop tariffs. As a pool member, our tariff group takes on the administrative burden of filings and our regulatory group ensures your FCC compliance. Your monthly cash flow, consistent and timely, ensures your day-to-day operations can continue uninterrupted. Each time you contact your NECA region staff with questions or requests, you can expect timely, accurate assistance. These services are the core of your NECA membership.

While my message may sound very familiar, that's exactly why I'm expressing it. The benefits of NECA membership have been consistent for over three decades and while change occurs unabated, NECA membership remains stable. We stand ready to continue our service as your advocate and guide through the evolving telecom environment that affects you and most importantly, your customers.

For more on the benefits of NECA membership and pool participation, see NECA pooling helps members manage cost recovery, cash flow and reporting obligations.

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