Access archives: 2010 – 2015

Fall (PDF - 139 KB)   
The Bellagio’s famous dancing fountains await NECA EXPO 2015   
Well into football season, USF reform for rate-of-return carriers still to come   
Washington Report: Telecom issues on hold as government delays budget decision   
Summer (PDF - 152 KB)   
EXPO 2015: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!”   
Universal service reform for rate-of-return carriers: coming soon?   
Washington Report: Regulators, Congress grapple with the Internet of Things  
Retirement, promotions among key personnel changes   
Spring (PDF - 150 KB)   
Rural call completion workshop draws FCC staff, industry stakeholders   
EXPO 2015 - Many facets, many possibilities   
Enhanced tariff proposals designed to meet large customers’ needs   
Washington Report: Committees take turns grilling Wheeler, commissioners   
FCC’s Open Internet Order already being challenged   
Winter (PDF - 106 KB)  
Despite recent FCC efforts, rural call completion issues persist  
Will net neutrality delay a Communications Act update?  
Washington Report: GOP-controlled Congress may lead to more FCC oversight  
NECA proposes average schedule formula changes  
Read the latest D.C. happenings on our expanded Federal Scene page  
Fall (PDF - 293 KB )  
There’s still time to register for EXPO 2014
Determining USF support in areas with unsubsidized competitors
Washington Report: Congress keeping tabs on FCC
Joint boards resolve jurisdictional issues between states, feds
NECA expands DSL tariff options website updates navigation
Summer (PDF - 321 KB)  

EXPO 2014 - Helping you build a better future as we move to an all-IP network
NECA responds to upward pressure on special access rates
Washington Report: FCC takes on open Internet issues as threat of budget cutbacks looms
With latest order, FCC answers some questions on USF reform while presenting new ones
Midwest and Southwestern region offices to merge

Special Issue: Commentary on special access services
Spring (PDF - 246 KB )  

EXPO 2014 - Building the future with NECA
NECA training is adapting to meet members’ changing needs
IP Technology Transitions Order includes plans for rural broadband experiments
House leaders begin effort to revamp Communications Act

Winter  (PDF - 325 KB)  

10th Circuit Court hears oral arguments in review of USF/ICC Order
Call Completion Order signals welcome relief
NECA proposes average schedule formula changes
Members find digital literacy curriculum useful
Revised interface for Tariff 4 database makes life easier for users
Washington Report: New FCC Chairman making his mark
Forecasting takes on greater emphasis than ever

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